Building Commercial Roofing with Sherriff-Goslin

When having commercial roofing installed, you want it fitted and maintained properly so it can offer long-lasting service and many years of protection for your investment. Before you decide to invest in a new building or to retrofit an existing one, it’s important to know all your options before construction gets underway.

Two types of roofs

Both types of commercial roofs – steep slope and flat or low slope – are effective, efficient, and provide excellent protection from the elements for your commercial building. Each also offers many possibilities for design aesthetics.

The roofing materials used for a commercial steep slope roof, are very similar to those used for residential roof installations. Steep slope roofs, by the nature of the slope’s angle, easily direct water into a system of gutters for efficient draining. Asphalt shingles, available in many colors and styles are the preferred cover for these roofs.

Flat or low slope roofs on a commercial building requires much different covering materials and insulation, plus different maintenance schedules. Ponding water is the single most destructive condition found on a flat commercial roof. So, to make the best choice, it is important to know the different options each roof provides and then seek a roofing contractor with solid experience installing that type.

50 shades of green

In commercial roofing, there is almost no limit to the list of industry terms, acronyms, organizations, products and certifications that are labeled “green.” While each has merit, the most important thing to remember when choosing a commercial roof system is to select the one that best suits your individual building needs. Your concerns about high traffic, high-rise, or even high wind is more important than trying to adhere to every “green” standard. Installing an affordable, durable commercial roof while reaching an acceptable level of “greenness” is achievable

Over 100 years of experience

Sherriff-Goslin has been installing both residential and commercial roofs for over a century. We work closely with property owners, helping them to make sound decisions and offer honest, insightful and practical advice. Sherriff-Goslin not only provides quality shingle roofs, but we are also an innovator in the shingle industry. Its Art-Loc® 2nd Century Plus shingle offers an exclusive interlocking design that adds an impressive appearance to commercial or light commercial structures. Steep slope or flat roofs, Sherriff-Goslin can install them with skill and expertise.

For all your new commercial roofing, re-roofs, repairs, as well as water management plans and roof insulation, schedule a free inspection today.