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Built-Up Commercial Roofing System

Built Up Roofing SystemsIn built-up commercial roofing, the roofing membrane is “built up” by layering asphalt, coal tar saturated felts, or fiberglass mat roofing plies. Comprised of insulation board, base sheet, cold- or hot-applied felts, surfacing materials, and flashing materials, a meticulously-crafted, built-up roofing system offers longevity and durability. Built-up roofing is utilized on both existing buildings and new construction projects, where it is valued for its economy and long-term reliability. Requiring periodic maintenance to ensure that you get the most out of your roof’s service life, built-up commercial roofing systems by Sherriff-Goslin can be designed – and installed – to offer a solid combination of general ruggedness and resistance to foot traffic.

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