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Vegetative Roofing System

Vegetative Roofing SystemsA vegetative roofing system, or “live roof,” consists of a top layer of live vegetation, such as plants, trees, or shrubs, over a waterproof membrane and other critical components. Vegetative roof systems can be found at any level of a structure where vegetation is desired above an inhabited space, however, it is essential that you choose the right contractor – a Live Certified Contractor – to install your living roof.

While the initial cost of installing a vegetative roof is higher than traditional roofing systems, there is a range of aesthetic, energy efficiency, and cost-of-ownership benefits. Achieving sustainable R-Values that are not normally seen in other systems, the increased insulation can significantly reduce heating and cooling costs, offsetting the initial cost of the roof. In urban areas, living roofs help remove pollutants from stormwater, reduce the “heat island” effect, reduce noise, and improve air quality, all of which can yield rebates and tax incentives for building owners.

If your project has LEED requirements or you’re interested in having your building LEED certified, a vegetative roof is the roofing system that you’ll want to pursue.

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