Work Area Safety Matters When Selecting a Commercial Roof Contractor

When looking for a commercial roof contractor, there’s usually a lot of talk about materials, schedules, and cost. It’s normal for a business owner to ask for references, request a list of completed projects, and research the contractor’s reputation and business practices. Safety, typically, isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when planning a new project but – trust us – it’s a very important consideration that must be taken seriously. Even though it’s not the first thing discussed, you can be sure that a reputable, trustworthy roofing contractor carefully considers the safety of any project they’re involved in.

For example, a reroofing project may have a tear-off. This work is usually done quickly, so it’s important to keep the area around your business clear. Falling debris can occur in unexpected places even when discarded materials are being thrown into dumpsters. With customers, employees, and neighborhood children nearby during the roofing process, your contractor should be very concerned about the cleanliness of the work area.

Most roofing contractors will tape or rope off areas where they are throwing tear-off materials, where their trucks are parked, or where shingles and underlayment are being carried or raised up onto the roof. Sometimes, it’s necessary to set out cones or signs to warn passersby that there is a work crew present, especially if your business abuts sidewalks or other thoroughfares. Roofers should always be aware of people entering and leaving the work area and ample advisories should be prominently displayed.

At Sherriff-Goslin, we are extremely concerned about safety at our job sites. As a leading commercial roof contractor, we train our employees to ensure their own personal safety and also the safety of our customers’ clients and visitors. If you’re considering a commercial roof replacement, we encourage you to read up on our history, take a look at the products that we offer, and contact us with any questions that you have.